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I'm What's Happening: September 2015

Okay, kind of throwing this together because I am not prepared for it to be September already!

So real quick, on the craft front, I started a new knit project. In June, I was in Cape May, New Jersey for part of my mom's birthday celebration. We ran across Fiber Arts Yarn Shop and I picked up a lot of cool odds and ends including my latest project, Delicious Yarns T-shirt  Shawl kit. It's a good challenge because I've been shying away from knitting on circular needles, but as you can see to the left, I'm off to a pretty good start. That coupled with that fact that both Fiber Arts Yarn Shop and Delicious Yarns ship, have me pretty excited. 

On to what I'm reading. I picked up Lisa Unger's In the Blood based on an e-mail recommendation by Amazon.  Not something that would normally grab my attention, but after reading the summary, I thought it may be worth a quick read. Its story line got me thinking and wrapped me up to the point where I hated putting the book down and couldn't wait until I could pick it back up. A quick plot summary, without giving too much away: an orphan is away at college when her best friend/roommate goes missing. The ensuing search reveals that nobody is who they say they are in this novel.  Also, Unger has a way with words and it's always nice to read a pretty sentence.

Since finishing In the Blood, I've moved on to Foreign Gods, Inc  by Okey Ndibe, who apparently studied under Chinua Achebe.  So far it's about a man whose life isn't measuring up to his expectations and he decides to make his own good fortune.  More to come once I finish this one.

Okay, I have some more exciting news in the works, but I want to wait until everything is more set in stone before I spill the beans.

Until next time...

~ With ♥ from Halima

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