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Okay, so I know that young adults are not widely respected by our older counterparts. We're accused of playing our music too loud, driving too fast and having no ambitions except to play PS2 and stay on the Internet blogging and downloading music for our iPods. As a 24-year-old recent graduate, I have to vent. I have to let it be known that it is not easy being young. First and foremost, I can't get a job. We graduate high school and go to college because everybody's telling us it'll be easier to get a job and we'll make more money. We graduate college and go to grad school because we still can't get a job but with a Master's it'll be easier to get a job and we'll make more money. So now what?? Not enough experience. Maybe, it has to do with the fact that I've been busy going to school for the past 20 years. And, why do I need experience to get experience (Common on a similiar topic: "Why do I need ID to get ID?" -The Questions) Nobody's willing to train anybody nowadays. How am I supposed to get a job when all the jobs ask for 10 years experience? Right, so I should have started on my career path at the tender age of 14. Guess I'm just a late bloomer. This is wild. Okay, so as a result I don't have health insurance. Don't get me started on this one. But yet, there are endless polls and articles about how a new trend is emerging of young adults not having insurance. Even if I had a job, I'd probably have to wait 6 months for my insurance to kick in. What else?? Oh yeah, no job=no money. You guys can help me here. I'm trying to take preventative measures, meaning avoiding anything that may cause unexpected expenses. Please, stop throwing trash out your car windows, especially anything that can puncture my tires. When I get pulled over for doing the young adult thing AKA speeding I don't want to have to pay a speeding ticket AND have to buy at least three new tires because mine now have leaks in them. No, but for real, the amount of broken glass on the Beltway's shoulders is ridiculous. Also, no money means that I'm still part of the group of young adults who still live with their parents (because we can't afford to move out) that you read about in Newsweek. It's apparantly the newest trend *whomp whomp* And one more thing, no money means I can't afford to pay back the million and one dollars and fifty cents that I owe Sallie Mae for my BA and Master's that were supposed to get me a job that would allow me to pay for my BA and Master's. And really, it's not helping that the administration decided to raise student loan interest rates to like 9% What's really going on?? Between paying almost $4 for a gallon of gas to put in my car, to drive me to the Metro where I'll pay $10 to park my car and commute to my "job" that doesn't pay me but is giving me experience that's not quite enough to get a paying job, I was barely able to make it to the polls yesterday to vote some people into the government who may sympathize with my plight and help me. Really, I just need minimum wage raised. Maybe, I can get a job at McDonald's. But you know what's ironic, when I applied for a part time position at Claire's I apparently had too much experience. You can't win for losing, huh?? But you know what's even worse than all of this?? And maybe somebody can answer this question for me, they select prospective jurors from the list of registered voters, right?? I've been summoned three the past year. The last time being today, the day after I voted. I'm thinking I may be tired of doing the right thing.

"I want to be free to live, able to have what I need to live" - Dead Prez 'Police State'

United We Stand??

I was listening to Russ Parr's morning radio show this morning and happened to tune into an interesting interview. U.S. Marine's Sgt. Jason L. Thomas was recounting his experiences at Ground Zero on that fateful day five years ago. Although the American public has not heard much about this brave, black man, he is a hero. His story was told in "World Trade Center," the movie that was recently released. The catch is, his character was cast as a white man. I'm torn by this little-known fact just as Parr and his morning crew were. They were emphasizing the fact that Sgt. Thomas' ethnicity should have been a well known fact because the movie was created by one of the victim's he rescued. They also were concerned with the fact that this movie may become the official "transcript" of what happened and it should be correct in every way. Sgt. Thomas was being very patriotic and kept asserting that this was a travisty for all of America and he thinks the movie should still be seen. I applaud Sgt. Thomas for his humility but urge him to recognize that this is bigger than him. This goes back to the thinking that victors get the final say on what gets recorded in history. Unfortunately, we're all American and supposed to be standing united. Why, even in a time a tragedy, are we letting something like race divide us? When those planes hit the World Trade Center towers and the Pentagon, they didn't discriminate. So, I guess we have another incident of depriving our children of their history. We can add Sgt. Thomas' name to those like Garrett A. Morgan and other important African Americans who are never recognized but whose contributions to this country were life-changing.

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