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Sunday night, an old friend visited me. A recurring dream I've never explored: my subconscious transports me to my childhood room where I've found jewelry boxes stuffed with forgotten accessories. All the while, a voice in my head whispers that I need to make an effort to remember.

What struck me this time, was the dream's timing.  I've been trying to develop a habit of meditating before bed. I can count Sunday night as a win towards this effort. To have this vision reappear after actively seeking to be in tune was telling.

Unfortunately, I've gone through some experiences where making it through while remaining sane meant compartmentalizing and disassociating from them. In a sense, locking them away in a boxes. Maybe the jewelry in my dream represents the valuable information that was attached to the negative experiences. And in trying trying to forget bad memories, I've also forgotten to extract their benefits. I lost the lessons.

My subconscious made it known that to find balance, I need to commit to remembering. It may be time to return and find the beauty in those boxes.

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