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Let's Get One Thing Straight: The Importance of Affirming Wombmanhood

This topic has been exhausted, but it’s definitely time for some more dialogue between the sexes.  Please don’t stop reading because I’m hoping to approach this from a less familiar vantage point.
In the Black community, we’re always discussing manhood and how it needs to be protected.  But men, there’s such thing as wombanhood and it requires similar nurturing.  This includes, but is not limited to, the name with which you address a womban.
Lately I’ve noticed a lot more men referring to womben as females.  And even worse, they don’t understand why some of us take offense.  Please allow me to explain. 
There are females in every species and their only function is to procreate.  This goes for dogs and sadly enough it goes for some humans who don’t understand their worth.
I and many of the wombmen I know, are not included in this category.  We have put effort into developing understanding, intellect, talent, skills and so much more.  Labeling us as simply a female means that effort is unnoticed and/or unappreciated.  It strips us down to basics and lumps us in the same category as those who haven’t put in the work. 
Furthermore, why would a man want to diminish a womban’s wombanhood -- the thing that is meant to compliment his own manhood?? 
I almost called this post something referring to the battle of the sexes or mars vs. venus, but I realized I’d be feeding the thought process that men and wombmen need to be destructive elements towards each other.  So, I’ll end with this: The purpose of life is to be the best person you can possibly be.  Therefore the best relationships are two people who are growing as individuals coming together and creating something even greater.
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