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I'm What's Happening: May 2015

Okay well, my plan to create a craft room kind of, sort of morphed into me painting almost my entire house. So, I haven't done any work on the skirt I'm sewing since my last post.  But, on the flip side, my house is getting pretty lol Picture time!
Giselle sitting at the desk guarding her space lol

Here's the second bedroom, the craft room that started it all.  I went with a very light green instead of the bolder green that made my heart flutter.  I love this choice though because the space is Caribbean inspired, so I want to keep it airy.

I'm making a field trip to Ikea to look at some shelving within the next couple of weeks.  And the plan is to sew some storage baskets to place on the shelves.  I'm also planning on sewing curtains for this room.  And my most major purchase, which I'm still up in the air about, will be replacing the desk wit a sewing table.  We'll see about that though, if I do, it will happen a little way down the road.

I already posted this picture on my Facebook page, but I'm showing it off again to give the full effect because this is the bathroom that's attached to my second bedroom.  The color is Peach Blossom and was lighter than I originally intended, but ended up being perfect for this space.

The rest of my painting was hallways, stairwells and my foyer. They're now a sandy, neutral color, so not too interesting, but I'll show this pic because I finally got my wall sconces up.  I've had these in my garage for about four years!!

In other news, I finished reading 'The Red Tent.'  It was so good I not only reviewed it, I also added it to my recommended reading page.  So, I won't got too much into it here except to say it gives voice to the women the Bible brushes over.  It's a very interesting fleshing out their stories while lightly relating them to Biblical history from a female point of view.

And on to the next one. I'm currently reading 'The Cross of Redemption: Uncollected Writings' of James Baldwin. Let's just say my recommended reading page will be receiving another title.  I mean, almost every line is underline-worthy. 

So, that's about all I've been up to.  Until next time...

~ With ♥ from Halima

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