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I'm What's Happening: June 2015

I've heard from a couple of people that I've been missed, so I apologize that I haven't been posting like normal.  

While I wasn't here, I was trying to work on my home refresh project. I say trying because I went to Ikea and although I found some really great rugs and other odds and ends, I wasn't able to find the shelving I was looking for for my craft room. So because it seems like it's going to take a little extra work to track down what I'm looking for, I figured it was the perfect time to finish sewing my skirt.  

The first step on my sewing comeback was piecing the lining together.  Should've been easy, but I actually had to rip the same seam twice!! Apparently I've been away from sewing too long because the first time I didn't follow Mimi's directions and sewed the front and back panels of the lining together on the wrong side (I found out that because lining is sewed into a skirt with the wrong side facing the wrong side of the main fabric, you actually need to join the panels of the lining on the opposite side from that of the fabric's joining seam. Mind blown yet??) Once I ripped the seam and sewed the joining seam on the other side, I managed to do it on the right side of the lining, which was actually the wrong side lol If your mind wasn't blown before it has to be now. Basically you want all seams to be on the wrong side (think about why clothes are "inside out." Because the seams are on the wrong side.)  So, I had to rip the seam out again, flip the lining and sew it back up.  Here's the finished product with an opening in the middle for the zipper:

Okay, here's the new, iron fusible interfacing I talked about last time I talked about my skirt.  I attached it to the waistband and in this picture I'm attached the waistband to the skirt.

And after I sewed and ironed the waistband.

And finally, I got to attach the lining to the fabric.  Now, if you've been following my blog for any amount of time, you know I hate hand sewing, which is why I ended up getting a sewing machine in the first place.  But low and behold, I had to hand sew the lining to secure it without sewing through the front of the fabric.  Then, I was able to go back and use a technique on the machine called "sewing in the ditch" which was basically just sewing along the seam where I originally attached the waistband to the skirt.

After all of that, (it was a lot, but not picture worthy) I started to do some finishing; folding the waistband over the lining seam.

The next step is hand sewing the lining around the zipper, but I decided to save that for my next sewing session because, well, hand sewing lol

Okay, well until next time...

~ With ♥ from Halima


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