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That's What He Said

You know how sometimes you can be so used to something, you don't even think about its meaning, until you do then you have your aha moment and immediately feel dumb because you just "discovered" things that had their dots connected long ago? Yeah, I had one of those moments last week.

I was talking to God and asking him to give me the strength to fight my way through this period in my life. It's something I've said at many times in my life, but never thought about what it implied. I was put on this earthy to learn from life and to sometimes enjoy it. But to fight it? That's counterproductive.

So I had to think about the reasoning behind struggle and the feeling of fighting through it. It's to get us to the goal of learning from life, right?

And if my pursuit of a personal relationship with God has taught me anything, it's that I need to trust that he'll guide me through this life with my best interest in mind. It may not be pretty all the time and worst of all, I may not have the strength to keep going all the time, but the best thing about God is that He's like a Dad. Remember when you were really young and could and would fall asleep anywhere because you knew you'd always wake up at home, safe in your bed. It's the same thing, when life is too much, I can fold myself into God and let him carry me.

And it was then that the poem Footprints became more than just pretty words. And it was like "Oh snap, someone already realized this?" And not only did they realize it, but they wrote a poem so the rest of us wouldn't have to figure it out on our own. But my thickskulled self has seen it so much from such an early age, I never really read it in depth.

If you've never read Footprints, or haven't read it in a while, you should take the time to do that. For what it's worth, I just liked the image that's attached to this post, but it's not the full poem. Click the link to see that.

And last, but not least, I made good on my promise from last post and finished a short story to publish on Medium.  It's titled The Talk and is a snapshot glimpse into waking up when you're dealing with depression.  Do me a favor and jump over there to read it, please and thanks.

Until next time...

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Can't Call Myself a Writer if I'm Not Writing

"Have you been doing any writing lately," someone asked me recently, I hung my head and murmured something under my breath, ashamed to admit I haven't written anything substantial in almost two months.

It's so easy to fall back into old habits; I've gotten out of the practice of committing myself to writing for at least 10 minutes a day - sometimes just sitting down to free write and see where my mind takes me that day, to see if it spills anything I can craft into something larger, more concrete.

And so I've fallen back into jotting tightly strung together thoughts into my notebook - beautiful in their own rite, but meaningless in the absence of further writing. A method that results in little more than scraps of paper and fleeting thoughts. Unorganized, and a method that has proven not to work for me in the past.

But this world is a funny place. The facilitators for the retreat I went on last fall maintain an Instagram account and recently posted the meme to the right. It was a great reminder to, in their words,  "exercise my writing muscle." And so I'm writing this blog post.

I am proud to say that in my absence from this blog, the creative energy that was refreshed during the writing retreat has been fueling other endeavors. I've been dancing and guitar lessons are going well. I've just finished learning my first song, the Eagles' Hotel California. I learned the melody by strumming the chords, which if y'all can remember from one of my first posts about picking up the guitar, is a big accomplishment for me, I was scared to death of chords lol

So now all that's left to do is reapply myself to writing. I've got a piece I'm working on, but I also need to finish two pieces I started for my new Medium account. Hopefully sharing this here, will make me accountable :-)

Until next time...

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