Posted by : Halima Khait Monday, March 07, 2016

I haven't done an official I'm What's Happening update in months, but this one still seems premature because I just played catch up in my first post of the year. Which I just wrote two weeks ago. And now I'm hanging my head in shame because it took me almost two months to write my first post of 2016.

So anyway, to recap, I've been working on learning the guitar. I haven't had my next lesson yet, so I'm still working on playing the Eagles' Hotel California.

Oh yeah, as far as reading, I started reading The Missing Kennedy: Rosemary Kennedy and the Secret Bonds of Four Women.  Basically, it's about the life of Rosie, the third child of Joe and Rose Kennedy, who was mentally disabled - slow to learn, but nonetheless leading a vibrant life with her family. She was kept with the family until a doctor convinced Joe to let him perform a lobotomy on her. It was a new procedure and the doctor botched it, so Joe decided it was best to house Rosie in a medical facility for the remainder of her life.  The story is told by compiling oral and written histories passed down from Rosie's mom and the author's aunt, Rosie's primary caretaker.

I heard about this book while skimming headlines when something about a hidden Kennedy grabbed my attention. "Hmmm a scandal within America's royal fam, huh?" Everybody likes a scandal lol This combined with the fact that I love anything having to do with women bonding and mental abnormalities made it a must read for me.

That's about all, but if you haven't gotten enough of me for the week, please make sure to read my short story The Talk. It's a peak into living with depression, specifically how it is to wake and face the day. Leave me some feedback!

Until next time...

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