Posted by : Halima Khait Friday, October 07, 2005

I am getting a little worried. As an aspiring writer, I feel like the audience I intend to write for won't be reading my work. Let me back up a little. In undergrad, I majored in African-American Studies with a focus on literature. Currently I am in grad school studying print journalism. I want to effectively collect and share stories from my community. The problem: for the most part, African-Americans are only interested in books written for the sole purpose of entertaining the reader. Books that would be the equivalent of rap;I'm interested in writing hip-hop. The stories I plan to share probably won't be about some high roller's girl and the drama she encounters on the way to buy the latest Gucci purse. My stories will be real life situations. I know so many people with interesting stories they want to share out of a desire to help others. It hurts me to my heart that these stories won't be heard because people would rather indulge in propaganda. I've always held a philosophy of not entertaining anything or anyone who won't benefit me in some form. It seems selfish but if you think about it, it prevents wasted time. I'm not saying that everyone should adopt my philosophy, I'm just saying it's something to think about.

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  2. this is my 2 cents on this. people will read if you promote. i know cause i sell poetry all the time. books about leadbelly and books that i like by danticat, anything i read and like i can find one person daily to buy and read. so if you write the audience will come. not that talent always wins, but promotion does. if hip hop were propoganda you'd be straight. so when u write and push what you write, make it the propaganda u sell. that's what it is anyway. all of us choose what to push. even if you have to give it away, you will find readers

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