Posted by : Halima Khait Monday, April 06, 2015

My inaugural 'What's Happening' the Lite version!  I intended it to be more of a update on longer projects, but my second sewing project ended up being pretty quick. It works out for you because, you know, instant gratification - you get to see progress pictures and my finished product all in one post.

So, despite my love of crafting, I don't have a dedicated workspace (something I plan on fixing in the next year or so).  If you don't already know, learning a new craft is rewarding, but also frustrating.  And an unorganized work area only adds to that frustration.  So until I can get my crafting room set up, I decided a sewing machine caddy would be a good idea - keeps everything in one place, close by, but also out of the way.  I found this pattern on Craftsy and picked up the supplies during my three hour trip to the fabric store.

The first step was actually my least favorite part of sewing so far, the cutting. Even with a cutting board, I've managed to cut jagged edges. This fabric was easier to work with then the stretch fabric I worked with on my first project, the vintage headband.  I did cut pretty straight lines, this time, but it took a long time.  And I discovered that even though batting looks like a bag full of clouds, it's actually a pain to cut, largely because of its stretchy factor. If anyone has any tips on working with this, please share.
After cutting, I had to iron the pocket. This step got rid of the deep, folding crease that was in the material, but also created a crisp pocket.
Next, I arranged the layers of the caddy: batting, back piece of fabric, pocket and front piece of fabric. It was an interesting order, but because the project is worked inside out, it all worked out.
Finally got to the sewing part.  I pinned the layers together to ensure I sewed through all the layers.  The pattern called for me to sew up the two sides and the bottom.  I was a little hesitant about sewing around corners because I've never done it and after my "cut on the fold" incident, I figured better to ask the dumb question than to make another mistake, especially because I didn't have extra fabric this time.  So, I watched this YouTube tutorial for sewing corners. Very straightforward without making you feel like you asked the dumb question lol
This was after I sewed up the sides and bottom and flipped the caddy right side out.
And, after I sewed partitions into the pocket to make four pockets.  I have my fabric marker, seam ripper, fabric scissors, tape measure and straight pins stored with plenty of room leftover!

The whole project only took about two hours which I didn't think was bad considering a broken automatic needle threader and about 20 minutes spent fighting with the bobbin.
Until next time....

~With ♥ from Halima

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