Posted by : Halima Khait Monday, August 03, 2015

So, I know I had a lot to say during my check in, but believe it or not, I have more to catch you all up on.

I finally finished the project I was working on months ago, the one whose hand sewn lining inspired me to buy my sewing machine.

Let's just say this was one of those projects where nothing went as planned. First, something happened with the shape of the bag where it came out much more elongated than it should have.     

Then, I couldn't find straight, bamboo purse handles, so I bought some bamboo cake dowels, stained them and glued them together.

Overall, the purse took way longer than expected and isn't as cute as I hoped, but it gave me some good experiences like learning how to stain wood and line a purse. I'll probably end up using it as a bag for my knitting needles.

Here's the pattern in case you want to try your hand at it.

Shifting gears, it had been way too long, but I finally got around to taking a small vacation. With July 4th making for a long weekend, I decided it'd be the perfect time to go to L.A. and visit my good friend.  It was very relaxing and I didn't do much but chill out and eat good food, but here's a video I took on top of the W Hotel in Hollywood. It's previewing pretty small, so you may have to click on the bottom right corner to make it full screen for the full effect.

And you all know I'm always trying to work on my photography skills, so I took some pretty decent pics while I was out there.  You can check them out in the photo album I made on my Facebook page. Let me know what you think.

And last but not least, on the plane to L.A. I started a new book, The Valley of Amazement. It reminds me of Memoirs of a Geisha except it's the story of a half Japanese half American courtesan (which is like a Chinese Geisha). Although some of the story is what you'd expect from a cheesy romance novel, I still love the writing style of the author, Amy Tan.  The story draws you in, so I'd definitely recommend it as a good, easy read. And as always, my all time favorite recommended books are on my recommended reading page.

Until next time...

~ With ♥ from Halima

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