Posted by : Halima Khait Friday, September 09, 2005

Polls have let me know that my last post was "weak" and that I need never make another post like it. In an attempt to return to my militant self, I'm going to share a convo that me and one of my best friends had last nyte. We actually were torn between who would post it on their blog but we decided we both would. Since he's using one of my ideas, I stole one of his for the title of my blog.
What's really going on with rap right now?? I have always made a clear distinction between rap and hip hop but the difference has never been greater than it currently is. Oppressive forces are using rap to keep the Black race subdued. I say this because I know who controls the airwaves and what's broadcasted on them (you see how quick they cut Kanye off). This does not free Black people from all responsibility. Black people are so brain washed that they don't want to hear anything positive. Real hip hop is just not selling like it should because Black people don't want to hear about being uplifted. They are so angry about being oppressed that they allow oppression to continue. They don't see that oppressive forces will allow them to gain material wealth as a means of continuing oppression. They think objects mean that they've made it. Oppressive forces love mainstream rap because it promotes the idea that you've made it if you have expensive things. This feebleminded thought process allows Black people to continue being oppressed. This is where I'm going to steal my friend's idea, Black people have had the Revolution Remied and Hennessied out of them. What we need to realize is that power does not come from material wealth, it comes from what's behind the wealth...what allows you to gain the wealth. I'ma go ahead and borrow from Dead Prez here, "The mind is like a jewel son Only a fool wouldn't grasp it Wisdom is a tool." I'm going to need for a stand to be taken, control what's going on in your own life, and again from Dead Prez "Turn off the radio, turn off that b***s***."

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