Posted by : Halima Khait Wednesday, September 07, 2005

At first I wasn't sure that I would have anything to talk about in this blog but it has proven to be a great outlet. I was told that my last two entries were a tad bit militant so I'm going to tell a story to lighten the mood (hopefully). The picture to the right pretty much describes my last couple of days. laptop pretty much decided to die on me last week. I was still working with Windows 98 so I had to go through special measures to install all my new hardware (i.e. voice to print software, memory stick, etc.) Anyway, it finally gave up on me and wouldn't let me access the internet. I got a new laptop on Sunday. Of course, the internet is acting up on this one too. So last nyte I was trying to pull my assignment for school out of my e-mail and do some research before I went out reporting today. I couldn't find anything and I was getting frustrated by the getting kicked off the internet and signing back on process that I was going through like every 15 minutes. I finally gave up and went to sleep but not before I had gotten my metro trip itinerary off WMATA's website. This morning I set out on my trip exactly as WMATA said and ended up waiting at a bus stop for a non-existant bus. I went back into the station and the station manager sent me to another station closer to Capitol Hill which made more sense. Unfortunately, he didn't have exact directions so he told me to ask the station manager at the next station. I went to the next station and that station manager didn't know, he told me to ask the Capitol Hill police officers. There's no way I'm asking police officers on Capitol Hill anything. Have you guys seen the huge automatic guns these guys carry?? Luckily there was a map outside of the station so I found my way. Unfortunately, my way consisted of me walking like 6 city blocks. I finally got the meeting I had to report on only to discover that my new digital recorder refused to work for me. I scrambled to write direct quotes in my notes but I ended up with an article containing only two worthwhile quotes. I came home and of course my internet is not working. I hooked my old laptop up to my internet connection and guess what, it worked. This is too wild. The good news is that I finally got my new laptop to work on the internet and after that I tried my digital recorder again and guess what, it works now too. *whew* I hope this means it's uphill for a while LOL

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